3-25-09 This is a little over a size 5 but not a 5 and a half. This is a real gold paranormal item. I know that fire in the hole sounds funny but you know what I'm tired and when I get tired I get funny even if only to myself. I feel like having something to eat right now but what I just found a stuffed crust piece of pizza left, I love the crust only. The pizza sucks a pig bone. I have Lifetime movies on, I hate them too. I want to see another episode of Big Love. I love that show. Uh oh,I just opened these cookies that I have been sending to you guys and there were only two cookies in the bag. You all should have told me! What a rip off. Oh geez do I have to hear this weirdo go on about his bad sex life The woman is pregnant and I'm trying to eat this is why I hate Lifetime movies. Back to this. This is a sexual aid which should be obvious by now. I mean it is in the sex section This is a stimulation of power. You decide who you want and how you want it. You use this before sex. Look people trust me,when you get it good you know it and if your not getting it we can all get bitchy. How do I sound right now To use this is easy as pie. For men or women and it is in real gold and a size 5. I see now that I'm repeating myself so I will do a few more and they will be sales and then I'm calling it a night. Someone do not forget to tell me to tell you about my djjin experience. You have to hear it. I forgot to tell you that this will give you a fire in your hole. I had a fire today but I put it out when I took a bath. You can be straight, gay, not sure or whatever and this will work on you. CRYSTAL HEAVEN HOUNDS * 3-25-09
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