These are not on sale or inexpensive because they do not work but because we have a lot of them and have tested them on and off for the past 6 months. All of the rings are new and NOT sterling silver. These are medium rings. You become the medium that makes it work. Not medium as in your calling spirits but more like the conduit. These were done using fire magic done by a very well known witch. She is a personal friend of mine that I met a few years back.

What she has done is placed the magic in the vessel and you decide which spell you want. There is none that you can not pick. One of the reasons you do not find spell cast items on here is because I know that I'm not you and I do not have the intensity that you would since it is YOU!

Your the one who knows best,you know exactly what you want and with this ring you will get it. Each ring will only do one thing,one spell,one wish. This is best because that energy is then concentrated.

If your looking to get help with the kids,study,win a contest,gain love,beauty,health,wealth,sexual desire,sex,well being,happiness,revenge, you name it and it can be done. The power placed in these is heavy duty. Get them while you can.

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