FIREWORKS SALE 9/bound in blood

This is one of my favorites. This is all sterling silver with a red cloth pulled through it,or heavy string. On the end is a heart and it is very pretty but more then that it is an item of extreme power using blood magic as the conduit. This one was made for love,hence the heart but you can use it for anything. I will leave your imagination up to you but tell you what it does for love. Tp use this piece you would take a drop of your own blood to activate it. Then you would say who it is you want or if no one in mind just a general idea. Example would be a mate and then the qualities you want in him or her. There are two ends where the string goes through it is there that you want to place your blood drop. Again you do not have to use this for love and can use it for anything. I may have added a wrong picture to this listing. They are hard to see when adding. The one your getting is sterling silver,has a heart and red ribbon or thread through it.
FIREWORKS SALE 9/bound in blood
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