If you are intrigued by Vampires then you must own this vivacious piece that we found in the woods of Allegheny County, PA. We were called to investigate sightings of Vampires in the woods. People were worried about their safety, and so we went to check things out. We were able to sense the presence of Vampires in the backwoods.

Some believe that living vampires are the products of genetic mutations. This would mean that some slight change in the body, differing from that of an average human being, gives the vampire unusual cravings (either for blood or energy, though the genetic mutation theory generally tends to be associated with blood vampires). In a way, this is similar to Pica...a trait in some human beings associated with genetics, biology and psychology which leaves the person craving unusual nourishment (ashes, chalk, paint chips, etc). Some also take this genetic mutation vampire theory and apply it to a slight sense of photosensitivity, slightly heightened senses, etc. Furthermore, some people claim that somehow they can "pass on" this genetic mutation in the form of a virus transmitted through their blood to that of another non-vampiric person.

Regardless if Vampires originated through mutation or not, we do know the powers they have grown to use! One main one which is obtained within the piece we discovered.

The piece inhibits the skill of mind rolling. Through direct eye-contact, if a vampire is new, or through voice-tricks (Succubus Only) or sheer presence if one is an older master, a vampire can capture the mind of his target and hold them in a hypnotized state where they are not aware what is going on.

This is a skilled art rather than a thing of brute power – elegance instead of strength. It is through mind-rolling that vampires can seem to disappear or move across large distances in an instant.

Are you sick of no one paying attention to you? With this piece you encompass the powers of the vampire who lives within stones. The Mind-rolling power is what this Vampire enjoyed and passes on to the person who is wearing this piece. You will be able to basically be in two places at once; by travelling through the minds of others in an area. This power is useful by anyone and especially will be appreciated and understood by someone who is into vampires.

This piece needs to lay against the skin and was worn by an older master. The piece is not old itself but is very beautiful.
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