So let me tell you something, people are ridiculous! I know most of you are already aware of this fact, but we were out at a restaurant the other day and while trying to discuss business a server walked by and let one rip. This fart was loud and made us all giggle to ourselves, and of course the server was mortified. Well a few tables away there was a table of elderly women who were so insulted by the fact that someone could be so "classless" in a public place.

Does everyone get bitchy once they pass a certain age? It sure seems to be the case more often than not! We all pass gas and sometimes it comes out at inappropriate times, but to complain about it and be rude to an already embarrassed person is awful.

It is one thing to giggle, like we did, but it is another to make an embarrassing situation even worse! The old women wanted to talk to the manager and made such a big deal about the incident and how they were disgusted and lost their appetites... so they ended up getting their meals paid for! Could you imagine being the employee who will constantly be ragged about the time the restaurant had to buy food, for a table, because they farted in the dining room?!

We have a ring that embodies the power to time travel. You are able to use this ring to relive up to 10 minutes in the past! Have you ever wanted to take back something that you said, or change the way you acted? We all at sometime wish that we could take back something in our past --- and I wish I was wearing this piece at the restaurant, because I would have tried to stop the embarrassment from happening to our waitress. I could have asked for something extra so she would have maybe farted in the back instead of being out in the dining room!

You can only go back to change situations for the good, you are not able to sabotage someone’s life or harm anyone. The power of helping others will also enable you to gain new strengths from spirits lingering, waiting to help protect those in need.

This ring is an amazing asset and won’t last long,in sterling silver at a great price. Tested a multitude of times with serious and not so serious stuff.
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