Flight of Observation-<br /><br />

An extraordinary discovery was realized when our team came across this necklace at our neighbor, the witch's, house. She is always brewing up potions in her back yard and casting spells upon the bad kids in the neighborhood; but we didn't know that she had as much power in other dimensions.<br /><br />

Steve was admiring this piece when we stopped over to wish her a Happy Birthday. Most people think she is scary and pay her little to no attention, unless it is negative. We like her, and try to stay on her good side because we know she does have power!<br /><br />

This piece took Steve inside a black hole -- he discovered many things that had been swept inside the black hole over time and was mystified by what he witnessed. He wasn't scared though because he said he had a bird that protected him from danger.<br /><br />

As the new owner, you might experience unexplainable activities. While holding this piece you will observe shadows on walls, random floating orbs, you will experience passages of freezing air, you will hear indistinct words and pieces of sentences, and sometimes you will have the feeling that somebody is watching you... And that is just the beginning~<br /><br />

Once you put the piece on you will gain the ability to travel through realms and go inside the black holes. The bird that is showcased in the yellow stone on this piece is named Zook; he is your guide and protector while you are exploring the mysterious unknown; this is an amazing piece that will bring you knowledge and power of the worlds in which many never get to encounter!<br /><br />

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