Flower Power-<br /><br />

This flower was in the process of blooming when it was induced with the ability of hypnotic
suggestion and clairvoyance; this piece is extremely powerful and will evoke the ability
to help you make others see things your way. <br /><br /> If you are tired of dealing with people who try to change your mind and make you feel
that your thoughts are obsolete, then this is a piece for you! Let your ambitions and
desires bloom from this piece -- you will help the flower engage its blooming potential
and it will relinquish its pollen into your soul which will enable you to expand your vision
through the realms.<br /><br />

Use this piece to change others opinions and to see into the future and connect your
thoughts with spirits in other dimensions... this is an extremely powerful piece that enables
you many abilities!<br /><br />
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