This necklace has been infused with ancient faerie magic. It seems to almost shine with the raw power nature itself. The powers it holds are powerful indeed, and those who are close to nature and all things natural will find this piece especially interesting. When wearing the necklace, one is given two of the basic powers held in high regard by all faerie kind. One will have dominion over most wild life, not only being able to establish means of communication with wild beasts of the forest, but also have a limited amount of control over them. The other power is the ability to control the local plant life, allowing the wearer to speed up a plant's growth process, or making it possible for plants to grow under even the worst conditions.<br /><br />

To attain the powers of the all powerful faeries, one must wear the necklace, and while grasping the golden flower clasp, repeat in your mind 10 times over "Bless me with faerie magic, for I am a child of nature and all things sacred." After repeating this, you may feel a small surge of energy come from the necklace. Once you've completed these steps, now its time to go out into nature and try out your new powers! But keep in mind that you must keep the necklace on, for if you remove it before trying any of these powers you must repeat the ritual all over again. <br /><br />

In order to command any wildlife you encounter, simply repeat the line you said in your mind at the beginning of the ritual, while focusing on the animal within your sight. You'll notice it noticing you, but just focus on the animal and it should obey your thoughts! Just be cautious with animals of a more feral nature, as these animals tend to resist any commands more so than a deer or bird would. <br /><br />

To command plant life, you basically follow the same process for controlling animals, but this process will take a little longer than the immediate responses you'll be getting from animals. Just wave your hand above the plant you wish to assist in groaning, while repeating the sacred line in your mind once more. Return to the plant a day or two later, and you'll be absolutely amazed to see the plant's growth progress! Become a master of nature while wearing this necklace, and become a true child of mother nature!

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