I was recently walking through the local woods and came across a very strange looking flower. I bent down to to observe it a little better, and took in all of its wonderful color. There were blues and oranges and yellows that I had never seen on a flower before. Thinking that I'd probably never get the chance to see another flower like this again, I decided to pick it. Then, as I pulled it out of the ground, there it was. <br /><br />

Intwined within the roots of the flower was this piece. It glowed a strange glow, despite the fact that it had quite a bit of dirt on it. I expected it to look aged, but to my surprise yet again it was looking surprisingly new. As I pulled the piece from the roots of the flower, I saw the glow fade from the piece, but I could still feel the power. With this piece and the flower in hand, I made my way to Haunted Curiosities to get some different opinions on them. On my way there, I had the piece in my pocket, and realized that I was feeling much more happy, for some odd reason. <br /><br />

As I pulled up to the Haunted Curiosities headquarters I couldn't keep  my mouth from smiling, as my mind was being flooded by happy thoughts. I handed the piece and the flower over for research, and as soon as I did the thoughts gradually left my mind. A little while later it was discovered that this piece was blessed by some sort of fairy magic. The piece seemed to make the wearer happier, by manipulating and amplifying happy thoughts. Along with this, it apparently brings great luck and fortune! Can you imagine!? By wearing this piece the wearer would not only remain happy, but with more luck would have much more to be happy about! Purchase this piece and make life something worth living!

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