This ring is filled with blossoms of power that come from the Fairy realm known as Gernallia. This is where flowers radiate to make life vibrant and beautiful for the fairies. Nothing ever dies there -- as the climate is perfect and the flowers are always blossoming!

What this will do to you is bring you peace and contentment in your daily life. If you suffer from the seasonal affect, and feel depressed and moody in the cold days and when winter kills off the vegetation and beautiful flowers -- then you need this piece to rectify your spirit!

Guilianna is within this piece and her spirit will levitate your spirit to keep you awake and blissful in the dreary days that lie ahead -- we are in Fall now, Winter is just around the corner.... make sure to get this and not become a moody bitch! Remember that this affects not only you, but everyone around you -- as well as your job performance!

**Great piece**

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