Astral travel can be a tricky game, but if you accomplish it properly it can be a very rewarding experience.  The mind of the average human is not in a proper place to be able to astral travel on command, so a lot of times one must practice over and over again before they can reach their spiritual destination.  Astral travel is the simple art of leaving your body to exist in two places at one time.  One of them is physical one of them is spiritual.  It is a form of bi-location.  To begin with astral travel, you must first build your personal astral temple.  This means that you must set solid place in your mind of where you want to travel from.  This could be your home, a forest, a beach, or some other place that is calming to you.  Visualize this in your mind.  With the help of this piece, you will be able to fly and soar to newer astral heights than you ever have before.  No realm of existence will be out of possibility with this piece as it channels pure spiritual energy that will wash over you like a bath of enlightenment.  Once you are in other realms, you wil be able to do whatever you want including communicate with the unliving, channel gods and goddess, or obtain and/or invoke powers. 

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