Fondis de Christis Fifty miles is a long distance. If you do the speed limit in an automobile on the freeway, it would take you slightly less than an hour to travel this distance. It also happens to be to be the length of shelving of the Vatican's Secret Archives. Fifty miles? Yes, fifty miles. It was admitted by the Holy See. However, it is really hard to say, with different scholars making different claims. One says 24 miles, another 32; but really the number is trivial. To have even ONE mile of Secret Archives, headed by a Cardinal just like the Vatican Library, is noteworthy. Access to the Secret Archives is very limited-- few and very far between. Only a handful of scholars have visited the Secret Archives... EVER. When they do, they are under full supervision, go in for a specific purpose, and must obtain full, written permission from the Pope, himself. The secrecy of the Papal secret Archives is extended and nobody knows for sure everything that even exists in the collection of textual cover-ups and forbidden knowledge. The archives are divied up into sections, or categories know as Fondis. It's a latin word meaning... sections. Some say that records contain evidence of priest sex scandals and other cover-ups from over the years. However, the fact of the matter is that while these issues are grave, there are even deeper secrets that exist deep within the Secret Archives. How do I know? Well I thought you'd never ask. A few years ago, I was given this piece by Shine. He got it during a breech of security when he was able to enter the Secret Archives. While he was there, he made this item. What does the item do? It has been spiritually imprinted with every document that the Archives contains. Shine has given this item the power to create, in your mind, a holographic version of the secret archives. You can visit the archives simply by meditated and reaching deep with in your mind. When you visit the archives you will be given a vast network of power that is so secret that not even I know all that it has to offer. Some of the things I was able to find out was the secrets of Revelations, the number 666, the Beast and the Harlot, the Four Horsemen, prophecies from the Book of Daniel, and other secret manuscripts of ancient power written by Abraham and his descendents. They were hidden by the Catholic Church and seal in the archives so that way they would hold hold exclusive rights to these powers. It includes a divination that will give you the angelic white light as well, which will help you perform miracles. The time is coming, folks, when this piece will be needed. That's why Shine has turned it over to me, because he knows that this time is coming and that the powers in this piece are going to be extremely beneficial in the soon-to-come destiny of the world. This is one of my favorite pieces because of all that it does because it seems that everything you wanted to know is kept here. We all know there is a evil purpose for that! The stone in this ring is very important and it moves,glows and changes. Please take care of it. There is everything in here from religious secrects to anti-aging,it never ends. We even found the most ancient of spells that were distorted so that they could never be used.
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