The first imprint of Spirit as it lights upon the earth is represented in this piece!

As the spirits lights upon the Earth with a walk upon a beach at sunset, it is filled with child-like joy and mirth.

This imparts the increments of the steps that we take -- despite the trail that lies behind us.

You leave your mark upon eternity with your spirit in the precious sands of time.

Make sure you are able to leave a strong, impactful mark upon the Earth as you live in this body -- as you will want to easily be able to connect with others when you pass, or pull forward this life in the future through a past life regressive channeling!!

*You simply need to apply one drop of the oil that comes with this piece to the surface of the pendant, allow it to fully absorb and then wear it. This will program essential levitated energies to radiate from your soul. You should re-apply a drop once a month until the vial is empty. The piece only needs to be worn the day after the oil was placed on it, but can be worn all the time it you so desire.

Once this has fully connected with you, your Spiritual DNA will be left upon the Universal Realm for easy detection and awareness in the future!! This is awesome because you will be able to grandfather over your current powers and abilities by being able to locate your spiritual "footprint."

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