Dear Dee Dee: Please place three items from the recent Hollow Earth/Atlantean’s on your site tonight under ‘King Louie’: 1)Men’s ring: 2)A pendant made of metal piece: 3)A glowing crystal: Send the one’s with these abilities: immediate Telekinesis effect (such as moving objects), telepathy, precognition, past-life memory retrieval from the beginning (since Raziel’s angelic being), and activate ALL my holy or hidden DNA (physical, spiritual,psychic ), plus anything with an immediate effect that will “knock my socks and sunglasses off..” I need three as one is for myself and the other two is to be for my son’s . A picture of each item and brief description is all that’s needed. I hope you can do it before midnite tonight. AHHHHH!!!!! King Louie! Just kidding :) Okay you know the hollow earth items are not for sale but since you do me good..... ha ha I will allow. I have three pieces as you requested but the one item is from Star DNA Seeded Sphinx,don't ask as it is way to much to type but will get to it one day. Daniel knows about it as I just got him one. These do what your asking. One in sterling silver pendant with crystal and sterling chain one ring that is God awful ugly,hollow earth item. one pendant in sterling awesome looking and I wanted 700 for it,you luck out! That is also hollow earth. the price is 70 percent off,price shown here is what you owe. So put it in your shopping cart and pay up King Louie or wait until I take a picture tomorrow when I'm alive as I have to work all night. Love ya, Dee Dee
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