Coveted with uncoiled remnants of the Earth, this collection of items was found in a old wooden box in Salem, Massachussets. The items hold tenement divisions of power that have been hinged upon the occult! Majestic abilities have been found to be proclaimed within each item.

This piece is a sterling sensational pin that was discovered in the box and radiates turth and purity. Many people will lie to you in life, and this can cause major depair for you. I recently just sold my house, and at the closing table learned that the real estate agent who brought the buyers lied about things that affected our decision to sign the paperwork. We now are living in a home, that is not officially ours yet -- and have been stressed and strained due to the lies that this agent made!

With this pin you will be able to detect a lie instantly... and the emergent power will be effective to hinder those around you from being able to lie to you! This is an extremely evasive and powerful item to have --- you will not realize how blessed you will be to have this ability... as lies fly in the air all the time!

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