Coveted with uncoiled remnants of the Earth, this collection of items was found in a old wooden box in Salem, Massachussets. The items hold tenement divisions of power that have been hinged upon the occult! Majestic abilities have been found to be proclaimed within each item.

Ratifying the remote viewing triggers of the Universal realm, this piece will open up your mind and stroke clear the blockages that are holding the demeanors of hinderance to your abilities of mastering magic.

Wisdom and divine knowledge are key to mastering a skill, and this pendant holds the charismic energy to prevail your mind with riches and unparalleled fusions of elevated lobal connecitons --- making your mind a hoaning ground for empowerment.

You will be able to portal your third eye and awaken all static energies that are within your brain that have been unused for years!

Most humans never tap into these areas, as they are unable to destitute the proclaimed sensitive parts of their minds, but this piece will charge your brainwaves and enlighten you!!


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