Granting the endowment of love and committment, this piece is a charm that honors the ideals of the celebration of a relationship.

This Anniversary piece is embarked with the honor of 25 years together -- a silver anniversary! This was a token of Mildred Reddinger, she was a spinster who thought she would never find love. She tried her whole life to meet a good man, but with no luck at the age of 50 she went to a love shrew and was given this piece.

She met the man of her dreams a few months later and they were married within the year. At the age of 76, after being wed for 25 years, Mildred decided to pass along this prime token of pure love power.


This attraction piece will emerge the elements of the world to impose the radiance of alignment that will grant you someone who will fit with your needs like a puzzle piece! Find someone to love, who will truly love you -- this also is noted to help fix a relationship that is failing, where there are issues that need resolved -- this is an amazing piece!

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