These piece are both originals-- meaning they were made by the person who was actually selling them.  I mean, some jewelry can be super pretty and valuable when made out of crazy expensive materials.  However, there's just that "wow" factor that draws me to more inexpensive stuff that has been hand-made by the person from which you have bought the item.  In this case, both of the sets that are listed with this description have been hand made by merchants in Mexico. However, instead of simply having been made in Mexico, these pieces bring about a fresh set of implications as to what it means to be "made from scratch".  That is because yes, these pieces have been crafted by the hands of a Mexican lady who sells her goods in an open market outside of Guadalajara, but they have been made with an "extra ingredient" that pretty much separates these two sets from the rest. 

In Mexico, it would be hard pressed to find somebody who has never heard of the Santa Muerte.  It is the name of both a Goddess and a cult that call Mexico home.  The goddess is the goddess of death and in most ways is reminiscent of the Grim Reaper who, like Santa Muerte, is credited to being the spiritual being/saint of death who is responsible for carrying those who have suffered some type of demise, into the afterlife.  If you venerate the goddess and offer the sacrifices she requires, it is said that she will deliver you safely into the realm of the afterlife. Be that as it may, she is also a very powerful goddess to call upon while you are still in the realm of the living. 

The thing of it is that the cult of the Santa Muerte is kind of structured like Voodoo almost, where you perform rituals and give sacrifices to the goddess in exchange for those things that you want out of life.  The rituals can be long and drawn out and can involve monotonous things that most people don't want to do and don't have the time to do.  This is why we have acquired these pieces, after asking the lady to make these pieces for us.  She obliged and now we have these pieces that we can offer to you.  I use the term "pieces" loosely, I guess because that's what I'm used to saying.  They are actually two separate sets that you can wear.  One set has a necklace, bracelet, and earrings and the other just has a necklace and earrings.  When ordering, just know, that you will receive one of the pieces pictures for the listing. 

Okay, now to get down to the fun stuff.  When the Goddess of death comes to people during rituals, she comes to them in one of many different forms the most common of these forms being the white form, the bone form, the red form, and the black form.  Each one has its own implications and set of circumstances depending upon what you have summoned up the goddess for.  The pieces that we are offering embody all four of these renditions of the goddess.  Just one more thing before I get into what each rendition will do for you.  There is a misconception that when you summon the Lady of Death for divine providence that one of your loved ones will pass away.  The Lady of Death is a very loving goddess and saint.  She embraces all the seek her divinity, with no collateral damage.  In other words, you have nothing worry about.  This was just some stupid lore made up my overzealous and superstitious people. 

When wearing your piece you can call upon Santa Muerte in one of four ways, which are actually three because the White and Bone Santa Muerte represent pretty much the same thing.  What follows are the ways that you can use this piece accordingly to summon the lady in her different states. 

1.)  Black Santa Muerte.  I know it seems kind of obvious what I'm about to say, but the Black Santa Muerte is the one that you call upon to seek revenge upon somebody. She will come to you and help you perform magic rituals against your enemies-- in other words curses.  She is also used to reverse the powers of those spells and any type of negative energies that have been thrown your way. 

2.)  White Santa Muerte/Bone Santa Muerte.  This is where you are really getting your powers from.  She is used in rituals for spiritual cleansing, peace in the home, healing rituals, good luck rituals, and blessings.  For instance, she can give you white light spiritual cleansing that will open up psychic mediumship.  You could also call upon her for luck at a casino or other types of wealth.  It just depends on what you are really looking for, although she will give you whatever you ask for.  Feel free to be as basic or creative you want when asking her to grant your blessings.  In the bone form, she will also grant you mediumship that will allow you to behold the death of other people from the mortal, so that you might tell them, first. 

3.)  Red Santa Muerte.  She is the one who is venerated for love-- both romantic and passionate.  If you want to find that one true love but you have been having issues with proclaiming any type of success, then this is the version of Santa Muerte for you.  Her spiritual properties will not only find that one person, but will lure that person to you, using the power of persuasion.  Of course there is the flip side to this power where, if you want, she will just grant the most electrifying sex magic you have ever experience.  Ohh lala.

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