From time to time we attend conventions that deal strictly on subjects that are supernatural and/or paranormal.  It is an enlightening experience to be able to go and hear experiences that others have.  Admittedly, some of these people are merely hillbillies who have problems and insist that they have been abducted by aliens who took them to space and experimented on them and stuck things in their butt.  Yeah, I've heard one too many of those stories.  Then there are those who insist they've seen this ghost or that ghost or have conjured Aleister Crowley, but have no idea how they did it or where their spirits have come from.  with that being said, if you have patience to sit through stories of supernatural sodomy and those who are just natural-born crazies, you can really find some interesting people who have a TON of information to offer.  It was at one of these conventions that I found Hamza.

Hamza is a djinn conjurer, who was born with his supernatural ability.  He is immortal and has been doing this for hundreds of years.  In fact, Hamza used to be a djinni, but he eventually became the equivalent of a fallen angel when he agreed to be sent to the mortal realm, as a mortal, to hand out the gift of white magic.  He is the person who helped us conjure the Fravashis djinni who inhabits this ring.  A Fravashis is a type of djinni that exists as a guardian spirit.  They have been commissioned to defend all living creatures in the eternal battle between good and evil.  They have been given full range of white light magic and do not use it sparingly, as these djinn have a very harsh code of death before dishonor.  Dishonor to the fravashis would be allowing a soul that they are in charge of succumb to the powers of evil and its darkness.

The fravashis legion of djinni have also been given full range wish powers.  This means that they will grant the wishes of their master, who is whomever the person is that is in possession of the piece.  There are no limits on the amount of wishes that you may make and there is no limitation on the wishes themselves.  They can grant you any wish that you've ever had, manifesting your innermost wants and desires into your life!!  This ring is the Fravashis claw.  It is made out of Sterling Silver and its claws reach up around a jewel that appears to be an authentic white pearl.  The pearl is is the seed that plants the powers into this item.  You can wear this piece as a charm on a chain or a ring, whatever suits your fancy.  When wear this piece, the bonding begins. The white light powers that  are in this piece and will begin to swirl in motion with your own body.  Your Fravashis will be awaken and you will gain his full white light ability.  He will begin granting your wishes and become your bound protector against all things dark and evil.  With the abilities in this piece, there isn't much can't do.  You don't want to pass this one up.  

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