Some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouths.  They come from great families that have great attitudes toward life and they face little to no hardship, because they are part of that perfect "dream family."  Others have to find a means to provide for their own, because they aren't fed success and happy ventures.  Some people are born into a life of hardship and if they want something they have to go get it. 

Take for instance Catherine the Great.  She was born in a small principality called Stettin, Prussia (modern day Szczecin, Poland) as minor royalty.  Her family didn't come from money, because they had very little of it.  Their only claim to fame, like I said, was being minor royalty and holding familial times with other prominent royalty. 

I'll just call it how it is.  For what portion of a childhood Catherine had, it was absolutely terrible.  Her father who had a brilliant army career was never home, as he was out fighting battles to make money for the family.  Her mother wasn't worried about anything more than moving up the social ranks; thus, she spend most of her time primping Catherine's younger brother, Wilhelm Christian, who died at age 12. 

In the meantime, Catherine knew that she had to do something to make ways for herself if she wanted to be great.  She knew that things weren't just going to fall into place for her, so she ambitiously sought out contemporary ways to increase her amount of future success. 

In 1944, when she travelled to meet the the Russian Empresses son, to determine her suitability for marriage, she fell ill.  As a result, she underwent a series of bloodlettings, during which she nearly died.  During these bloodlettings she obtained a small portion of her blood.  She snuck the blood to a Turkish Shaman, who used the blood during a ritual known as blood infusion.  During the ritual the spirits of past successful leaders, mighty warriors, wealthy merchants, powerful sorcerers, and magical witches were called up through a portal.  The energy of these people were placed into Catherines blood.  After the infusions, Catherine drank the blood, embodying all the powers that were infused. 

From here her success took off.  When Catherine recovered from her illness, she solidified her relationship with Grand Duke Peter, the Russian Empress' son.  They became engaged and Catherine converted to the Russian Orthodox faith.  On August 21, 1745, Catherine II married into the Russian Royal family, becoming a Grand Duchess.  Her marriage was miserable but she didn't care.  She had finally begun moving up the ranks. 

When Empress Elizabeth died on Christmas of 1761, Catherine's husband became Peter III, Emporer of Russia.  He was openly cruel to Catherine, plotting against her and planning to send her away and make his mistress the Empress of Russia.  However, Catherine's magic would not allow for such a thing and gave her psychic visions of her husbands plans and guided her along a path that lead her to seek out the help of the Orthodox Church.  Together the Church and Catherine overthrew Peter in an orchestrated coup, along with the help of nobles and other royalty Peter had estranged in his support of Prussia. 

Her ability to read the minds of others allowed Catherine to fill her new political vacancies with people that she knew whole heartedly supported her.  She was able to see into the future to know that the moves she was making were the right ones.  A few days after the overthrow of Peter III, he was assassinate.  Catherine was nowhere around and has kept her involvement secret; however, her sorcery gave her the ability to use remote mind control to carry out her dirty work, so why should she have to be held accountable?  Nobody knew. 

During her reign, she used her powers to expand the territories of Russian borders to include parts of the Polish and Ottoman Empires, including the Crimea Peninsula. Additionally, she brought about the Russian enlightenment, which was a power she emanated that enlightened the minds of Russian constituents to bring about peace and contentment so she could control her reign.  She estasblished the first post-secondary schools.  She was rigorous at using her magic to further advance herself in any area that she could to obtain the hightest level of enlightenment and understanding.

This ring holds her powers, as she obtained while she was still a teenager.  These powers led to a 32 year reign during which Catherine enjoyed the hightest levels of success, wealth, and enlightenment possible.  This ring will give you her said powers of wealth, acheivement and enlightenment.  They will also bring you psychic and telepathic powers, because these powers were used by Catherine to squash any competition and to be able to see into the future to read her destiny before she made any decisions.  You will gain her spiritual enlightenment and wisdom.  You will know things that she knows that she found out during her blood infusion ceremony and you will be joined by the souls of the great, just as she was.  This piece will not let you down.  It is a very powerful piece and will bring you great magic and self-sufficiency.  It will give you all the success you've ever wanted and then some. 

I can't really tell you where we got this piece from, but rumor has it that it was able to transform the lives of such famous people as Sir Elton John, Nichole Kidman, and most recently Kate Middleton, who is in perfect position to become Catherine the VI of England!!  Trust me, you want this piece.

This ring was, at one point in time, the possession of Catherine the Great.  It is the ring that was used during the Blood Fusion that she had designed specifically for the ritual.  This piece holds Catherines insignia.  The rock is very old and was provdied to Catherine days before her infusions.  This piece is extremely rare and we will never have another like it, because it is a once-made ring. 

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