Before crossing the Jordan River to begin his assault on Jericho, Joshua sent forth two spies.  The were protected and watched over by Rahab, a common whore, who because of her actions was spared.  She told the spies about the fear the Jericho had of the impending assault of the Israelites.  This didn't make much sense at the time, considering that Jericho had the best defense system in the world at that point in time-- it's walls. 

Yes the walls of Jericho were the strongest fortified defense system with layers of bricks and stones that were yards thick.  It was taller than any of the Israelites and the Israelites had very simplistic weapons.  They wondered how the Lord was going to deliver Jericho to them.  How would they penetrate the walls?  God's people have a tendency to to take for granted that they are God's People and that with God all things are possible. 

At the start of the siege, God told the advancing Israelite army to march around the city once a day for six days.  On the final day the procession was to march around Jericho seven times.  Then the priests of Israel blew their horns and the Israelites shouted out loud in their best war cries. Miraculously, the walls really did come a tumblin' down and the Israelites conquered the city! 

This piece calls upon the spirit of God in the same form that He was with Joshua when Joshua was puzzled as to how he was going to besiege the city walls. 

*This piece will give you the conquering energy that will make all things possible for you.  By all things possible, I mean that this piece will clear your path of any "walls" that you have.  It will remove all spiritual blockages and will allow you to reach your goals and ambitions in life.  It will reach out across the realms to secure wealth and fortification for you and will bring you many blessings of luck and good fortune. 

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