Fairy Blood Infusement

Fairy Blood Infusement

This piece serves as the vessel for a dynamic, sultry Huldra Fairy. Huldra Fairies are often categorized as Dark Sprits, and they are dark in nature, and in what most interests them, but I have also found most to be helpful and protective~!

Like people, some walk on the darker side, and others are of a lighter demeanor. Huldras are Scandinavian Fairies, often found in forests, and near, or in the, water.

They often appear nude, or clothed in very little (often leaves) which allows them to blend in with the nature. They are beautiful, mysterious and tremendously magical. In addition to this Huldra’s darker side, she is also full of mysticism, grace and tranquility. She will bring a sense of security and harmony to you as well as your surroundings.

Treat Shelia, the Huldra Fairy, with respect and she will always treat you with care,  not only as a companion but also in a sense as a partner. I make note of that because if a Huldra is disrespected or treated badly they are known to become angry. This is not something I have experienced, nor do I care to!

Some of the Shiela’s specific abilities include:  seduction, increased sexuality, third eye enhancement, infused intuition and prospering dynamics of love and relaitonships.

This piece will infuse your blood with the energy of Shiela and this is how she will enter your spirit --- so it indeed is a tight bond, with an immediate connection!

Fairy Blood Infusement
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