Fairy Luck Serum

Sometimes life can be frustrating, especially when you feel like you are down on your luck.  We have made this serum with the help of our witch, Grizzelle.  Her ancient form of magic is very powerful.  We have all tested this serum and it has worked wonders in our lives in all aspects of life where we were lacking luck.<br /><br /> 

This serum is made with the essence of a good-luck faery, part of the Tylwyth Teg society.  She gains her luck from a white light divination she received from the Elders.<br /><br /> 

Her spirit has been conjured in the making of this serum.  It invokes her good luck spell, which has been amplified and fortified in this serum.  The four-leafed clover, aside from being symbolic of good luck, represents the four-fold manifest destiny of life.  Once you have used your serum, your destiny will be changed and infused with the luck of your new faery. <br /><br />

Fairy Luck Serum
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