Fame and Fortune; Just like Johny!

Johny Cash is probably one of the best known names to country music.  His outlaw image and his rich baritone voice have found him in trouble, but have also added to his fame.  For some reason ladies love a bad boy.  What most people don't realize is that Johny Cash also dabbled in magic.  Earlier on in his life it was more dual magic, but later on it was mostly white light, as he received his ephiphany in a cave after crawling into it to die.  It's when the Lord came to him an informed him that he better clean up his act or he was toing to take everything.  This along with the fact that he loved June Carter and wanted to marry her was the reason he sobered up and eventually settled down.  

Depsite the fact that he had found God, this didn't stop him from making this piece after he lost his wife June Carter in in 2003.  He knew that without her he wasn't far behind.  He made this piece to pass on his ability and legacy to some new aspiring star who wanted the fame that he had experienced.  When you wear this piece, you will feel the energy flow.  The energies in this piece will merge with your own energies and give you the ability to sing like Johny Cash.  It will also give you the ability to find fame and fortune like Cash did, so that way you can chase your dream of becoming the world's next big celebrity!  

Fame and Fortune; Just like Johny!
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