Family Love and Support/F*/DONE

We all have families who ground us and help us understand what it is right and wrong. A close-knit bond with your loved ones is what most people yearn for, but few have. This incredible piece embodies the aura of sentiment and love. Do you see other people have the connections that you desire?

It is hard for a lot of people to embrace their emotions and share them with others, but when wearing this piece you will be able to break down the barrier and acknowledge the feelings you have inside. Normally it only takes one person to be able to make a change, yet everyone is often scared of rejection.

There is no need to be afraid when you adorn this piece. You will be given guidance from a love fairy that encompasses the ability to bring people together.

I have a friend who hadn't seen their relatives for over 20 years; he really didn't know his aunts, but he longed for some family history and knowledge. I allowed him to be a tester for this piece and he was contacted by family members who decided to make the trip and come visit him. The long awaited reunion just happened a few days ago and he was ecstatic. Too many years passed and now everyone regrets the ignorance of letting all the years pass.

Love conquers all and this fairy inhabited piece will bring your loved ones together. Whether time has separated you or you just want a new beginning. Friends can come and go, but with this piece your family will remain close and you will never have to worry if they support you... because they will!

This piece is in all sterling silver and is also an antique.This is also an adjustable ring. I forgot to take the picture of this one but it is a Victorian Dogwood flower and it is very pretty.
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