Filling the Void, Your Oracle Eyes

This piece holds an insane amount of energy.  I can't really say that I know where the energy actually comes from or why it was left behind on this Earth.  What I can tell you that have this item.  That's all I know.  I mean, I know the powers that it holds, but I don't know why and I don't know who originally left it behind.  I imagine that it was a type of space voyager-- some type of existence that is far mor intelligent than any human could dream to be in their natural form.

When I found this piece, which was a total chance, I felt an immediate connection.  I mean, it was an immediately, strong connection.  The piece is unusual looking to begin with, with all Roman Numerls from 1-12 on a ring.  It looks like a finger watch.  When I picked the ring up and  it made contact with my skin, my skin felt warm.  Reality began to fade and my vision began to blur.  As much as I wanted to drop the piece right back to the tray I got it from, my curiosity got the better of me.

As the world around me faded out, my mind traveled through space along the time-space continuum to a point where all I could see and even sense was a black void.  I was then taken through a blackhole, where I was spit out the other side and back onto Earth, except it was much different.  I could see things with my eyes.  It was like  the opening of my third eye, it was more like I held a dual existence.  I was in my own realm, but I was also in the realm of some foreign existence.  I could see a host of new creatures.  I could still see the humans, but it was as if this new realm was laid directly on top of the other one and I could now feel, see, and exist in both.  Neither of the creatures I saw in front of me, human and other, were aware of the other's existence.  It was weird.  That was precisely when the lady at the store asked me if I had planned on purchasing the ring I had in my hand.  I was startled and dropped the ring and the other realm went away. 

After extensive testing on this piece, I can confidently convey that this piece holds a direct connection to the space-time continuum.  The energy in the piece will bond with your molecular makeup, manipulating your vision and altering your eyes into oracles.  This new connection or oracular transformation will allow you travel into the space-time continuum.  You will then be able to travel through black holes to exist in multiple realms at once.  You will have access to all beings of all the realms you are taking part in, including the ability to practice all associate and related powers and abilities you pick up along the way. 

This piece is essentially the key to time and space.  It allows you to manipulate them to exist in two places at once.  It will also unlock your alien DNA, so that way you have a psychic connection to all beings and energies in the universe, whether or Earth or elsewhere.  The amount of energy and power in this piece is incredible.  You will definitely want to experience it for yourself!! 

Filling the Void, Your Oracle Eyes
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