Financial Fury

Financial Fury

This piece holds a Leprechaun who is quite shy until he knows his keeper well. He  will be a  great asset to you in a variety areas, especially dealing with business and financial planning.

Without knowing any information about your immediate money situations as well as plans for the future, he is able to pinpoint and fine tune your goals, game plan and time table. The precision and accuracy is rather mind boggling.

He will guide you through the plan and ensures success, even if he has to have a hand in it. Leprechauns are busy, hard-working types and appreciate the same in their keeper.

If he is expected to do all the work without your help to even attempt to get it done on your own they may get a bit annoyed. However, if they see you struggle and truly need his help, he will not wait another moment, nor need his names to be called.

His name is Virgil and he wants happiness and success for his keeper.  Virgil is fun-loving, cheerful and kind, and of course will be the occasional trickster – never mean-spirited or harmful at all. He also is great with children and pets, and ignites for beginners to experts.

Planning ahead, and having things in line for your future is very important, and now you can have a great financial planner who wants nothing more than for you to endure wealth and be well off in your future~!

Financial Fury
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