Find a Lost Item

Find a Lost Item This token item belonged to a man named Chuck, who disappeared in the Summer of 1977. The sterling tag was given to him at the time he checked into his hotel for a luxury honeymoon with his new bride. It had his name and the season on the back. He immediately placed it on a chain around his neck. While out boating, their speed boat hit a big wave and he was thrown from the boat! His new bride was in shock and just stood there and panicked. Luckily another boat passed and stopped to see what was going on. As Diana, the frantic new wife of Chuck was boarded onto the other boat, they called the Coast Guard. A search went on for 15 days, and his body never was found. Diana was a hysterical mess and ended up being put into a mental ward, as the experience just messed her up. Several years later, this tag, washed ashore. It was taken back to the Daven Port Hotel, and they were in shock! It was going to be kept on display in memorial to Chuck, but then they thought that was not a good business venture. The piece was sent to Diana at the ward, and when she died last year a nurse got it. She said it always had a charge when it was touched. Diana demonstrated great strides once she had the piece, and she would always know where things were if they got misplaced, or were lost at the hospital. It was odd, like she would have been the one to have taken the stuff, but many times the items were missing from floors she would never even be on -- she just knew! The nurse sold this, and we got it -- and after testing have noted the strength to find, and locate lost items. Since Chuck was not ever found, his spirit is tied into this piece to help others be able to find things! Wear the piece and state: " Gods and Goddesses, find my (item) -- help me now to find my (item), so mote it be" This acquisition will ignite the response and Chuck will assert his abilities to channel the vision to you, so you will know where the item is ~!! ** Cool piece regimented from a tragedy, but made from love ~
Find a Lost Item
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