Five Clawed Dragon Orb

Five Clawed Dragon Orb<br /><br />


This piece holds an all-original Dragon Orb.  It is unique and rare, because it is a five-clawed, purple dragon. In Chinese history, these types of powers were only afforded to the supreme beings who had been given to the people as a gift to rule over them.  Most commonly, it was the Son of Heaven, who received all wisdom regarding the magic of the Gods.  <br /><br />


This magic came in the form of the Mandate of Heaven.  The Mandate of Heaven is set of certain rights of the Emperor, who is a direct representative of the Jade Emperor, the supreme ruler over Heaven and the afterlife.  He is the Jade Emperor incarnate and holds all powers of the Jade Emperor.  <br /><br />


Like I said, the power of the five-clawed Dragon Orb is rare and is reserved for the highest authoritative individuals.  Not only is this Dragon five-clawed, it is also purple.  Purple is indicative of wealth and royalty.<br /><br />


When you summon your dragon, you will gain all of the divine powers of the Son of Heaven, your soul will be transformed, and the magic will be yours.  This piece also attracts wealth and will bring you money!!  This is a very fine representation of Asian magic and empowerment!!  <br /><br />



Five Clawed Dragon Orb
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