Five Peaks of Mount Hua (40 sterling sale)

The five peaks of Mount Hua have served as vertical sanctuaries for years.  Over the years monks, hermits, and spiritual seekers have all make their way to the top of these five peaks.  Nowadays, the trail contains rough patches of journey including those made form links of chain and planks that are held to the mountain with iron staples.  Since ancient times, many have attempted to make the journey. Some have made it, many have never returned.  This sacred pilgrimage tradition still takes place today, but the Chinese Government refuses to give details on how many people have died here.  Thus, I'm calling in the mount of souls.  

Those who make it to the top of the mountain will obtain the secret spiritual truths contained in each of the five temples located at the top of each peak.  If you are lucky enough to make to the top of all five temples, they will merge together, awakening you third eye, giving you psychic abilities of the gods and giving you the unlimited truths of white-light magic of the Orient!  

Or... you could just get this piece.  It was created by Adita who knows a Monk who has accomplished this feat and is more than happy to share the wealth.  This piece will give you the magic that is found on the top of all five sacred mounts, from all five temples.  It will also unlock the combined powers of all five that will give you the psychic abilities just talked about!  With this piece you receive divine psychic powers as well as the white light sustenance of the Orient!

Five Peaks of Mount Hua (40 sterling sale)
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