Flashing Forecasted Visions

Dreams Predicting Death

A customer of ours relinquished this information to us a few months ago.... her family, the Vandecto family, is noted for psychic visions and telepathic powers; she didn't think any had been gifted to her until she learned about the death of a loved one!

In the words of Crystal: "I had a dream when I was younger that my great aunt was going to die. I was only about 7 or 8 years old at the time. I woke up crying and immediately told my grandmother, who is my (great) aunt's sister. She yelled at me and told me never to say something like that again.

As the years went on I continued to have the same exact dream. She was lying in a bed very skinny, and dying. The dream was really not a dream at all; it was more like pictures flashing in my mind while I slept.

When I was about 11 years old the dreams stopped; that was until I was 12, I had the same dream again.

Two months after I had the dream, I came home from school and my grandmother was crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said that Aunt Cecilia was dying of cancer and that the doctor's couldn't help her because it was too far along; my grandma was going to go to Virginia to take care of her until she passed away.

I didn't want to tell her that I had the dream again two months earlier. I think sometimes that I started having that dream to warn my Aunt that she was sick and needed to get help, she was the type of woman who never went to see a doctor. Unfortunately, my aunt died a week later. She was an amazing woman. I continue to have dreams that come true, thankfully, none of them have been of people dying."

Crystal set up an appointment to visit with Deedee; the visit became an experience of past regression pulling. The pulling allowed for the brain transmitters to release the energies that she was empowered with as a child into a pendant.

With this piece you will be empowered with evasive dreams that will unite sensory abilities to bring you awareness; this will allow you to be able to warn those that you love about possible issues that can harm them in the future.

Psychic sensitivity is a serious gift that should not be taken lightly.... the power from the Vandecto family is extremely strong --- this will emit upon you an awesome opportunity to enhance the future of yourself and those around you!

This item holds visionary abilities within the stone that will connect with your mind and allot flashes of future occurrences to flood your brain ~ this is an awesome piece!!
Flashing Forecasted Visions
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