Flimmern-Geist The words Flimmern and Geist are both Germanic in origin. When translated together they mean Flicker-Spirits or Flicker-Guides. It is the term given to those just-out-of-reach spirits that are trying to grad your attention and guide you to the spiritual realms. Here's an example. You are just coming in the front door. You begin to feel chills creep up your spine. You are overcome with the sensation that somebody is watching you. Then, out of nowhere you would swear to God that you just saw something move out of the corner of your eye. Scientists have tried to dismiss this phenomenon as a "trick of eyes," but with so many cases of this happening on a daily basis, I find that hard to believe. In fact, I know it's not true; but even if I didn't know for certain I would still find it hard to believe. The purposes of the Flimmern-Geist apparitions depend on the circumstance, but almost always it is a spirit trying to guide you to the spirit realm for one reason or another. They attempt to show themselves to you via that corner moment where your eye and brain meet in the cognitive spheres of your mind that allow for psychic intuition. Then, in a flash it's all over, unless you were born with natural psychic ability. This item will give you the ability to freeze your mind in the psychic intuition transition of the Flimmern-Geist experience. This will heighten your mind, awakening your third eye, and allowing you to receive messages from the other side. You will gain a natural clairvoyance that will allow you to become a spirit oracle to communicate with spirits and let your body become a vessel for mediumship and channeling. This will increase the potency of any seances or ritualistic ceremonies that you partake in. It will also increase the potency of your magic. To use this you do not need to do medium work or seances,you may just use it to free the vision if you like. THIS RING IS STERLING SILVER AND TINY. ATTENTION ALL BUYERS: WE ARE OFF DOING TRANSFORMATIONS And services this week. We will be back on the 5th. Steve will be adding stuff on this week. Please be sure to read the shipping policy. AGAIN, WE HAVE NEW BUYERS AND WE TRAVEL OFTEN. PLEASE *CAREFULLY* READ OUR SHIPPING POLICY. IF YOU BUY ON A MONDAY THERE IS NO WAY, NEITHER IN HEAVEN, NOR HELL, YOU WILL GET YOUR ITEM BY WEDNESDAY. WE HAVE A 10-DAY SHIPPING POLICY!!!! MOST OFTEN THAN NOT YOU GET YOUR ITEM BEFORE THAT BUT PLEASE BE PATIENT. IF YOU IN ANOTHER COUNTRY IT CAN TAKE LONGER. WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER CUSTOMS. WE ALSO DO NOT SIT ON OUR COMPUTERS LIKE FREAKS AND HAVE TO TRAVEL,GO TO THE BATHROOM AND EVEN LIVE LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE, PLEASE UNDERSTAND THESE THINGS. ALSO IF YOU PLACE AN ITEM IN THE SHIPPING CART AND DO NOT PAY YOUR ORDER WILL BE CANCELLED. WE WILL NO LONGER GO BACK AND FORTH EMAILING PEOPLE TO PAY. HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY.
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