Flowering Fairy

Flowering Fairy
This piece holds a daffodil fairy~! She will blow her trumpet that ushers in the strong energies of the fairy world.

As the fresh winds toss the daffodil flower, so the fairy within brings a message of clarity and new beginnings.

Daffodil fairies can help you not only understand your true potential, but also tell the world about it. To the daffodil fairy we are all beautiful, and she helps us to see ourselves in this way.

The generative ideas, and talents, that we hide from the world will prosper and progress.

This is a piece that is great to allow you to advance without fear. This is a great piece for a friend that you see struggling to get ahead, even though they hold immense talent.

We had a few kids test this and they flourished and saw great results by being blessed by the fairy.

** The Daffodil fairy in this piece is Xena. She will enlighten you and proclaim your passions, talents and desires with her realms energies that will erupt to bring you to a new level of acknowledgement and appeal in society, thus bringing you many new abilities and possibilities; Xena will really charge you with her powers in the Spring when the Daffodils are in bloom!

Flowering Fairy
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