Forged Templar

Given as gifts of strength to various Grand Knights of the famed Order of the Knights Templar, this amulet and chain were forged from the steel collected from the swords used by knights in the First Crusade. Said to empower the knights who wield the blades with unmatched strength and determination, each was collected after the Crusades concluded and used to make various pendants, charms and other weapons. We have recovered this single pendant depicting a Templar blade and shield, adorned with Templar symbols. Like the swords who gave their metal in the construction of this amulet, the wearer experiences an unbridled amount of strength and determination, especially when they hold a task close to their heart, just as the knights of the Crusades were tasked with a special journey.This piece is also a map piece to a location to where one can go and absorb pure power to recreate in spirit.
Forged Templar
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