Fracture SOuls in Multiple Dimensions Ring Two


These rings are the fractured soul pieces. They move through the ages and dimensions to pull your fractured soul,personality and abilities back together. They also trace the DNA memory which is scientific fact that it does exist. Through pulling the DNA alone back into your being you become soul whole and ready to begin to ascend to a higher level. Doing this can not be done with out pulling all the pieces together.<br /><br />

This is NOT like the Trine piece at all. It offers no protection,no added abilities and no magicals from Shine,Raviniska or Tomer. What it will do is listed above and that is in itself is an amazing thing. An example of what it can do is lets say your addicted to drugs or hung up on some person. This will go into why and eliminate it if it is not a good thing for you or if it would prevent you from reaching a higher level.<br /><br />

Soul fracture brings everything together for you so that you can advance in magical abilities,achieve higher levels of healing,understand more of the spiritual world and gain the things you want.<br /><br />

If your a beginner in magic or just are not getting the results you need then you should start here.<br /><br />

We have set this price so that everyone can get one,layaway is accepted and if you ask me what to start with I would say this piece. After getting yourself together then you can move on to bigger things and the more advanced. This is not to say that those into the deeper magic shoudl not get one because if you don't have one then you skipped a process and should get one.<br /><br />

Pick the one that best suits you for size and what you like. If there is not your size you may wear it on a chain and it will work just as well.


This Fractured Soul Ring was made for a man who wears around a size 9.  It's design showcases the uniqueness in its power and ability. 

Fracture SOuls in Multiple Dimensions Ring Two
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