Framed in Time

Framed in Time

We obtained this piece from a haunted home that we investigated. The owners constantly saw levitated objects throughout their home and often heard voices; they thought they were going insane!

We were called in and felt the energy from this piece; the owners picked it up at an estate sale.

The piece holds a photo of the infant spirit that was residing in their home, as well as a piece of the casket blanket that was used to cover the girl in her casket.

The infants parents were both hung due to their magical abilities. The infant, Emma, was then killed by drowning as she was thought to have been instilled with their upheaval of bad energies.

Margaret and John, her parents, were occultists who were unjustly killed beacuse people could not mind their own business. Margaret's parents had to remove their bodies from the nooses and have a small, private funeral so no one in the town would disrupt their graves. The couple were both placed in a pine casket and a red velvet blanket was used to cover them. Margaret's mother cut a piece of the blanket to keep as a ymbol of the unjust for Emma, as well as granting her a connection between her and the last thing her daughters body touched.

The grandmother then had custody of Emma, until the townpeople assumed she had to have had "evil" put into her and they kinapped her and drowned her in the river. The grandmother then had to have the same kind of secret burial for Emma, and she cut the blanket again and kept this item as a reminder of her first, and only, grandchild.

Since removing this piece from that home, the owners no longer have any odd occurrences; however, Deedee's house has been haunted.

This piece will bring the spirits of Emma, Margaret and John to your home and you will be granted their abilities of sorcery and witchery. If you befriend them they will relinquish their powers to you!!

Their spirits will grant you amazing abilities === this has been tested by a woman in Pennsylvania who gained telepathic and telekinetic abilities; she also was able to shape shift. She only was given the piece to try for a month... she stated that her first encounter was felt when her lights kept flicking and then both lamps in her bedroom both blew out the bulbs while she trying to rea; she knew the family was in her home!

We took the piece back and obtained experiences and ever since the piece has been closed and has been placed in the safe.

You can allow the spirits to roam in your house and gain their abilities -- to do this you simply will display the piece open, showing Emma's picture~ befriending powerful spirits is a good thing, as you may have to share your home, but you will always be protected!!

This is a great way to source new energies and ensure safety from others who do not understand the intervals of magic and the occult.

Framed in Time
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