Freya: A New Way 'a' Living

This is an awesome piece.  For those women who have been beaten down and told that they are no good, this is your calling.  If you suffer from lack of confidence or you feel like you aren't good enough; or if you are shy or timid; or if you feel like there is never going to be a man for you then you need this piece.  It is this the ultimate she-wolf piece and will have your doing a total 180 in no time at all!!

This sacred piece calls upon the ancient spirit of Freya.  She is a Norse goddess and she rules of beauty, passion, and sensual love.  Don't mistake her for a softy, though.  She is a warrior goddess and her battle skills rely on her quit wit and abounding confidence.  She was also the consort of Od, mysterious god of the Norse.   This piece calls upon her and brings her existence to you.  Not only will she make you appear beautiful to others, but she will make you appear beautiful to yourself.  She will give you confidence that will tell you that you can do it, no matter what anybody else tells you.

She is a goddess over destiny.  She will give you her warrior goddess powers to fight your way to the finish; to change your course of destiny.  She will bring you wealth, power and prestige.  She will bring you confidence and composure.  She will also bring you love, because it is something that we all desire.  This piece is very powerful and if I had to equate the being that is in this piece to somebody we would all recognize, it would have to be Xena the warrior princess.  It will give you the power to be a strong independent woman.  Now, go kick some butt!! 

Freya:  A New Way 'a' Living
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