Friends of Enyo

Friends of Enyo

We all encompass people everyday, and many will feel that they have good friends, but when in need are people really there? Have you ever needed a ride at the last minute and no one returns your calls... or maybe you help everyone out, but when you need something no one comes to your rescue!

This is an occurrence that happens more often than not and so we applied upon the spirit world to bring a shared result of kinship to those in need.

Enyo came forward and will share her accompaniment to help take care of you and you will now have someone to impose your thoughts and ideas upon... as she will always be with you to lean on and have to give advice and insert encouragement and endurance of your petitioned powers!

Enyo is amazing, and testers were impressed with her immediate connection to them.

A friend for life -- she will be there for you, as your best friend and confidant!

Friends of Enyo
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