In Scottish magical lore, a frith was a important spell used for seeing someone's situation at a distance. The ritual consisted of an elaborate process concluded by the "Frithear" making a circle with his or her thumb and forefinger and looking through it. When this process became too lengthy and outdated, Norse sorcerer's began producing Frith objects, most often rings, because of their round shape and ease to gaze through. This ring is one of those very Frith infused items; this ring is a useful tool in helping those close to you who need guidance or advice in a difficult matter. When looking through the ring while thinking about the problem or situation at hand, the user will see one single omen concerning the situation which must be interpreted by the user and absolutely no one else. This ring does not give the ability to see the future, however, it will provide you with visions of the possibilities in the future that must be interpreted and used to take the most righteous path.This piece is exceptionally powerful! You can feel it when you place it on. This piece does come with a Frithear to help you and guide you so that you make the most of this piece. If you do not want him to come please say so in your order. This ring is 10l gold,an antique and with gorgeous stones. This is one you will be most happy with! OMG THIS IS A GORGEOUS RING!
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