From the Grave of the Sanguine

Sometimes things happen that mere mortals aren't prepared to deal with.  Then, they make up excuses as to why the obvious thing that's looking them in their face can't actually be happening.  It's mostly due to fear.  Fear of the unknown, mostly.  Fear of those things which the mortal mind can't comprehend.  That is why for so many years the existence of beings such as aliens, and werewolves, and vampires have been "debunked."  It's why creatures such as Bigfoot and the Yeti have been called fables.  

Even though there are substantial amounts of evidence that demand a truthful verdict, humans would much rather sit in the security of their fantasy land where the only thing that is real to them are the things upon which their eyes land.  They've never seen any of the other types of immortal humanoids that we share the Earth with, so they must not exist.  Well, I have news for all the nay-sayers. We are not alone in our existence and shame on you if you are ignorant and arrogant enough to think that human existence is the only existence to have ever existed.  However, if you're reading this I can pretty much bank on the fact you've come to the conclusion that we are not alone in this world.  Which is why I know that most of you will appreciate what we have found. 

Well, I can't really say that we are the one that found it.  However, we are the ones that were able to fully maximize the potential.  When archaeologists first opened an ancient grave at a highway construction site, what they found inside was nothing short of something you would expect to find in a horror movie.  Interred in the ground were the skeletal remains of what appeared to be humans.  Their heads had been severed and rested upon their legs, which was an ancient Slavic burial practice for disposing of vampires-- or as the archaeologists put it, those who have been "suspected" of being vampires.  The hopes of the ancient Slavic people were that the decapitated vampires wouldn't be able to rise from the dead.  What they neglected to realize back then is that vampires aren't a mere physical form... not at all.  Rather, they are immortal souls that take a humanoid form to feed, but do not necessarily have to exist in a human form at all.  In fact, there are probably more vampires that exist on the face of the Earth in spirit form than there are physical vampires.  Again, unless you actually study this stuff I wouldnt' expect you to know this, but it is true.  

Naturally, when we heard of the unveiling of these graves, we were all over it.   I have no shame in saying that we poke our noses in wherever we can find supernatural business.  This was of peak interest to us, simply because we love these kinds of things.  Most people run scared.  We run towards it full speed ahead, so this one really was a no brainer as far as we were concerned.  We traveled to the spot of the newly unearthed grave site and held a full investigation into the are.  During the investigation, Deedee suited me up with hot chakra stones, similar to the ones that you would use when you are getting a hot stone massage.  Instead of massaging me though, the stone ritual got my brain moving to the point where I was able to open up my psychic eye.  I was able to see everything more vividly during the process, but I was also able to see layers of time as the existed on top of one another.  I could see right through the present into the past, without having to ever having to leave the present.  At this point I was able to witness the burial of the vampires at the grave site.  Once the were decapitate I was able to reach through time to obtain a blood sample.  Once I had the blood sample, my vision was complete and I brought it back to Deedee who then used the blood to reinvigorate the skeletal corpses.  

We only used the blood and corpse of one particular vampire, not all of them.  Rather than raise the vampires previous body, the blood alchemy ritual that we did at the burial site summoned the presence of the vampire who used to inhabit this once mortal-- or shall we say immortal-- vessel.  Even immortal vessels can be destroyed sometimes, so don't let this confuse you.  As in, they will live forever unless rendered by an outside force, such as beheading in this case.  Either way, we were successful in bringing the souls of the vampire back, which had been wandering the realms searching for a new, more suitable vessel.  It was then that we conjured him into this piece.  It's not like we did it against his will, though.  He agreed to it, because we told him what his next step would be.  

This piece allows you to conjure a full breed sanguine vampire.  When you use this piece, you will resurrect his existence upon which his existence will be alive in you.  He will share your existence with you and this piece will act as a merger whereby you will retain your human identity but you will given a full set of extra-human sanguine powers.  These powers range of psy-op and mind control, to the ability to attract wealth-- and everything in between.  He will give you an awakening that will bring to life a full set a sanguine faculties, whose power you will have to discover on your own.  It reacts differently to each different person in accordance to their own personal set of energies and how the sanguine power will best benefit them.  Of course, you will always have your vampire as your spirit guide, will coach you in your magic, as he wants the magic to thrive as well.  This is the perfect piece for those of you who have always wanted to know what it feels like to become a vampire, but didn't want a complete transformation.  Although, what I think will happen is that you will love this piece so much that you will want a transformation, in which case we have a complete set of transformation packages available.  The magic in this piece has no limitations and can be used as either a white form or dual form power piece. 



From the Grave of the Sanguine
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