From the Ranks of Opus Dei-- A legion of Angels

From the Ranks of Opus Dei-- A legion of Angels<br /><br />

Catholics don't always wear the little white caps in situations.  I'm Catholic and I'll be the first to admit that Catholics aren't innocent.  However, not all Catholics should be judged the same.  The same way the government is in control of the American people and we cannot be held accountable for their monstrosities is the same way the Catholic Church is governed. <br /><br />

Today, more than ever, the Catholic Church is governed by false prophets-- enter Opus Dei.  They were fraternized as a brotherhood to spread the word of God-- or to do "God's Work," which is what Opus Dei stands for.  Instead the fraternity's rank and file has been perverted with vile evil and disgusting antics. <br /><br />

Currently, this secret society is planning a massive take over, with one centralized government and religion:  Catholicism.  This is not good folks.  Think about the end of time and the one world government and one world religion.  Why do you think there are currently talks of a one world money?  It's already in progress!! <br /><br />

Since there's really nothing you can do about it, because it has to come true to fulfill the prophecies found in the book of Revelations, it never hurts to be prepared.  This piece was confiscated from a man who began to preach the truths that this piece brought to him.  I won't get into particulars on how I secured this piece, just know that it is very powerful and will work wonders.  <br /><br />

After testing this piece, I can concur that this piece is a treasure from Heaven.  Each bead is an Angel of Truth, sent from the realms of Heaven.  Each Angel carries a drop of Jesus' holy blood.  Each Angel, with the blood of Jesus, holds a truth that it will manifest unto you.  You will receive your truths via holy prophecy, visions, day dreams, dreams-- however that angel decides to communicate with you.  The pendant will give you the blessings of the Virgin Mary and intercession to God.  The cross is the power of Jesus, which will allow you the ability to communicate with the angels. <br /><br />

This piece will give visions of the end of times, the beginning of times, the reason why things are they way they are, and more.  It will give you an explanation-- all the answers to all the questions you and others have been asking about the year 2012, the end of times, the Second Coming of Christ, the Rapture, the number 666, etc.  It is powerful and will work.  Do not take this piece lightly, it is a true Holy relic.  <br /><br />

From the Ranks of Opus Dei-- A legion of Angels
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