From the Sphinx's Paw

From the Paw of the Sphinx This bracelet holds all white light aura. You can tell simply by looking at it. It isn't your typical white-light aura, either. This piece has been hand-crafter and sent to us by the creator of Raviniska. Raviniska is the most powerful white light beings that I have ever encountered, the power of this piece are accordingly powerful!! It holds the raw energy from the creator of Raviniska, who lives in a secret compartment in the paw of the Sphinx. His pieces are always pure magic, so you want this one!! This bracelet is made up of a series of charmed link relics. Each one holds its own separate and special powers. They are listed below. Snake Relic: The snake relic depics a snakes and three rhinestones. It brings you the knowledge of the Tree of Life, as the serpent was the one who brought it to Eve. The three Rhinestones are the Holy Trinity-- Father, Son, and Holy ghost, who will open your eyes to help you use the information you are getting in a positive way and not in accordance with Satan's evil plans. Green Gem and Flower Relic: This piece holds over a thousand spells for over a thousand different things. It has been enchanted directly by the creator of Raviniska, with direct energies from the SPhinx White Light Sustenance. It will automatically perform spells for you, or if the spell you are looking for wouldn't be there for some reason, it will automatically assume the powers of the spell for you and perform it on your behalf. Red Cameo Relic: This relic holds the power and wealth of the royal Bloodlines. I'm not just talking about one royal bloodline. This holds a sampling of the wealth magic that has overseen many royal bloodlines such as the Egyptian, British, Scottish, Russian, Turkish, Saudi Arabian, and the American bloodlines. The Moon Relic: This piece is a piece that gives you the alchemy of the moon. With this you will be able to control lunar tides to manipulate the energies of the cosmic life force. You will be able to open up a moon portal and you can use these powers to create your own realities within and across multiple dimensions. There are no limitations to this relic, just pure power in the rays of the moon, filtered through the eyes of the Sphinx!!

From the Sphinx's Paw
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