Frontal Lobe Relinquishment; The Power from Within


At the University of Pennsylvania the American nuero-scientist Louis Sokoloff conducted an experiment in which, over the course of an hour; he monitored the brain activity and levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the jugular vein of a 20-year-old student. Sokologg was surprised to find that the student's brain used as much oxygen while he was resting with his eyes closed as when he was carrying out difficult tests in mental arithmetic. <br /><br />

Although the brain only represents 2 percent of the body's mass, it uses 20 percent of the calories we consume  - whether we are concentrating hard on some difficult mental task, or just gazing vacantly into space.<br /><br />

Further research in the 1980's and 1990's indicated that there were some areas of the brain that are extremely active when we are at rest, but which go quiet when we are faced with an immediate mental challenge. Some neuro-scientists have concluded that the activity that shuts off is, in essence, daydreaming. <br /><br />

This conclusion in part involves sifting items for retention or otherwise in the memory. To support the findings it has been found that when active, these parts of the brain use a disproportionate amount of glucose, perhaps as a building block for the creation and maintenance of synapses, the key connections that make up the memory. <br /><br />

Deedee loves documentaries and when we learned about the neurology indications that were discovered, we began to see how we could enhance the neuro-stimulators through powers.<br /><br />

Occult magic showcases a defiant brain to break down doubt and understand the majestic appeal of enrichment that comes forth. We paid for a study to take the representations found by Sokoloff and utilize the results to better understand why there are customers who have a harder time bonding with pieces.<br /><br />

The results were incredible! The infusion of the transmitters in the brain were stagnant when flooded with empowerments that are in our items. The brain went chaotic and the waves were charted to take up over 45% of the calories digested in a day. Many people do not eat breakfast, or the adequate amount of food that they should consume daily; thus having the magic items eating away their energy and not allowing them to see results.<br /><br />

Food is not the only factor, however, as a facet of chemical reactions showcased; there were triggered areas of main focus on the frontal lobe when the tested humans were bonding with items.<br /><br />

Through the study, and other research, we were able to formulate a new spell that brings forth an assurance of contributing factors of mind-control and ignition for latent minds to code with majestic powers.<br /><br />

The spell has been cast upon this piece --- it is calculated to expand the horizon of the lobes and not take so many of your calories during stagnant times in your day. Overall this will improve your life with reinvigorated feelings of heightened alertness and less fatigue and more importantly it will erupt the blockages and ports that were stopping the clear path to feel, connect and utilize the components of paranormal activity!<br /><br />

*If this piece is sold and you are interested, email to see if the spell can be proclaimed upon another piece!<br /><br />


This bracelet will react with your blood flow, that will utlimately travel to your jugular vein area, releasing its powers. <br /><br />


Remember, Deedee will be on investigation until 10/23/11 and shipping will resume when she returns.

Frontal Lobe Relinquishment; The Power from Within
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