Funnel of the Four Magic Cities

In ancient Irish times, the gods of the Celtic peoples were a group of supernaturally gifted individuals.  They were called the Tuatha De Danann, hereby referred to simply as the Tuatha.  The Tuatah did not receive their powers as a form of self-enlightenment.  Rather, their powers were bestowed upon them by the chief goddesDanu.  Danu gave them the powers they have via the four magical treasures from the from legendary cities.  They were Gorias in the east;Finias, in teh south; Murias, in the west; and Falias, in the North.  They were four realms of magic from which Danu took four magic treasures to dive to the Tuatha.  

These pieces follow suite with ancient Celtic Druidism and bring you all the magic of the TuathaDe Danann, which is basically every form of magic known to man, with only few exclusions.  This piece funnels in the magic from all four magical cities, creating a powerful magic vortex for the person who is wearing one of these items.  He or she can then pull magic from the vortex-- any type of magic he or she desires.  The only effort you have to put forth in using the piece is discovering the magic that you want to acquire and then perfecting it.  Other than that, the vortex is made naturally, so you won't have to do anything to allure this magic.  It will just come. 

Funnel of the Four Magic Cities
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