The magic power of glamour is the ability to hide or mask the appearance of the fairy or the appearances of others behind a veil of fairy magic. What looks like an old haggard crone may actually be a beautiful fairy hidden behind her glamor. <br /><br />

Another historical use of the "glamour" magic power is used by fairies in order to hide the true whereabouts of their Fairy mounds or Sidhe Mounds. What may seem to mortal eyes, nothing more than a pile of fallen rocks, may actually be a spectacular palace adorned with a multitude of jewels and inlayed gold.<br /><br />

The Fairy Shield seems more like a super power for it is the ability of the fairy to hide from human view by vibrating his or her body at super high speed. This vibrational magic power has the effect that they are never in one place long enough to be seen. <br /><br />

If the fairies do not want to be seen, they will not be seen. Ocasionally a mortal is born with the gift to see past the fairy glamour and shielding. Which is a blessing or a curse, depending upon what they use their gift for!<br /><br />

A contact of ours was blessed with this gift and can showcase the location of glimmering powers of fairies that are hidden in the Earth.<br /><br />

*This is a collection of fairies that will evade and enrich your life.<br /><br />

This piece houses Gabrielle, she is a fairy who focuses her talents on invisibilty. She will bond with you and bring you the opportunity to use this abilitiy!<br /><br />

The silent people as they are called are not only noiseless but almost invisible. They conceal from our sight through the use of charms and potions. Nearly every fairy has the power of invisibility in some form or another. Some fairies may become visible or invisible at will. Others may only be visible by night, and some only by the light of the noonday.<br /><br />

Men know the Fairies have visited their houses only by the mysterious disappearance of the substance of their goods. When driven away they do not go off with tramp and noise, and sounds of walking such as men make, or melt into thin air, as spirits do, but fly away noiselessly like birds or hunted deer. <br /><br />

They seem to glide and float along rather than to walk. Sometimes indeed the empowered fairies make a rustling noise like that of a gust of wind, or a silk gown, or a sword drawn sharply through the air, and their coming and going has been even indicated by frightful and unearthly shrieks, a pattering as of a flock of sheep, or the louder trampling of a troop of horses. Generally, however, their presence is indicated at most by the cloud of dust raised by the eddy wind, or by some other curious natural phenomenon, by the illumination of their music instruments, songs, or speech. <br /><br />

Gabrielle has the ability to give  you the power to become invisible to mortal eyes, this was granted to her from the source of the power of invisibility that all of the daoine sidhe have.<br /><br />

People with the Second Sight are able to see the fairies, though the fairies are invisible to all others. Most of the time, those with the second sight are born with their ability. For instance, the seventh son of a seventh son almost always has such power. <br /><br />

Gabrielle likes to show herself once she is comfortable with the person who honors and respects her housed piece. Wear this item and you will be blessed with the empowerment of invisibility and be able to enrich your life with the endless opportunities this will bring forth to you!<br /><br />

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