The following item is from our Fantasy Mind Island collection. It's no secret that everybody has fantasies. If you're anything like me, then your fantasies can get pretty creative. That's why we have made these pieces-- to be subservient fantasy generators. To activate your fantasy, simply wear the item. Lay down with the item on. Close your eyes and within 20 minutes, the fantasy that you chose will began to take control. Your body will erupt with sensation allowing you to live, feel, touch, breath, hear, smell, and even taste your fantasy. Your fantasy will only exist for as long as you are wearing your item. After you take the item off, it will be over for the time being. However, have no fear, because you can use these items as many times as you want-- over and over again-- to live and play out your inner most fantasies. For now, we have three categories of fantasies. The first category is Sexual Fantasies. Sexual fantasies are broke down into two categories: the males and females you want to fantasize about! Then, we have a category that will allow you live out fantasy scenarios, where you will be able to become a pirate, or an astronaut, or an old-western cowboy, or a king or queen from the Renaissance. The last category is an educational category, where you will be given the opportunity to learn or discover something. Perhaps you want to assume the life of George Washington or Napoleon. Maybe you want to learn how to play guitar like Jimi Hendrix or write like Edgar Allan Poe; that is what this category is all about. Are you one of those people who live for the release date of the next chapter of your favorite game. My little brother is. He literally marks the calendar with the day each of his most wanted games are released. He then has the game for about three days until he pushes it to the side because has already beaten it. I think one of his favorites was something like Assassin's Creed? I'm not really sure. Anyway, he inspired me to think about and create this piece. This Fantasy Mind Island piece is perfect for those gamers who have always dreamed of becoming part of their favorite game. This item will allow you to use your piece to enter the realm of your favorite video game and live out the role of one of your favorite characters-- OR CREATE YOUR OWN!! Yes, you can play your favorite video game as yourself. It's like the ultimate Sims create-a-character!! Why wouldn't you want to take advantage of this item. Oh, a little tidbit of information... your game will automatically "save" when you awaken from your fantasy, and will be ready for you the next time you enter. Also, any magical powers you gain during your adventure can be brought back into the mortal realm. I know my brother is always saying, "Stevie watch this," or, "Look what my guy can do!" Now, you can use these powers in real life!! Also, should you reach "game over" in your fantasy, you will not be affected in real life!! Lastly, I just wanted to say that you can use this piece for as many video games or combination of video games as you want!! There's no limit on the space on your internal "memory card." I used this piece to assume the role of Mario to go stomping goombas and spitting fireballs. I know... lame... but it's my generation!! Either way, this piece is pretty awesome!!
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