All of these items are Septembers garage sale items. There is nothing wrong with them and many of them are pretty potent in occult magic. Even the creatures are unique and powerful. These sales are going on because we are moving many rooms and need a clean out. Take advantage of it because the prices are very low for what your getting.


This is a sterling silver charm( I'm pretty sure) that will work well with the charm bracelet I will be placing on. I get these magical ones made by a great Wizard. Anything you place on then comes to life. You can pick the charms up from anywhere and hook them up and they do what they represent. This is not the bracelet but charms and these charms are paranormal!

Santa sometimes has falling balls at least that is the case with this perv. This is Santa giving it up to you,what you want and what you wish for but one caveat,you have to make his balls/ball move.

When have you seen a Santa with real balls? You haven't, this one does and you turn him and make it move while telling him what you want.

The world of the paranormal is not always so straight laced but hey he works. I asked as a joke for these cool green socks and I got them. I will not tell you how but they are now mine. Yes i did also test him on other things too.

Ask him for a car,money or a prize.
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