All of these items are Septembers garage sale items. There is nothing wrong with them and many of them are pretty potent in occult magic. Even the creatures are unique and powerful. These sales are going on because we are moving many rooms and need a clean out. Take advantage of it because the prices are very low for what your getting.

This piece is amazingly gorgeous and is like some of the stuff I collect,but you can't keep it all and what it does I don't need. I do remember though when I first got this and I was wearing it when I met my lovie so it sure does work as they are my soul mate. Many people don't believe in that but then again it must be because they never found theirs.

This is two hearts entwined and was given to me by the old black lady I knew,the hamburgerler. Her mother was a practicing Catholic and Voodooist. I have to say she knows her stuff as it worked. Thinking back I'm not sure how long it took but I don't think it was long. You will be glad you have it.
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