All of these items are Septembers garage sale items. There is nothing wrong with them and many of them are pretty potent in occult magic. Even the creatures are unique and powerful. These sales are going on because we are moving many rooms and need a clean out. Take advantage of it because the prices are very low for what your getting.

These pieces are gorgeous,divine and they sparkle with a great beauty. Each one of these is different yet each one is also a very fast working pendulum because they are spirit attached.

This is the last one and it is a beautiful garden of corn. This is a unicorn garden. I have had unicorns before but with so much to test and I can only do one piece at a time it is hard. I never really got the chance to enjoy the power of such a white light creature. Stunning in their statue,amazing in power and the ability to call upon the angelic realm is a beautiful thing to watch.

While I have always been interested in all types of magic just as a learning experience the white light stuff is always the best. Many of you will not believe that but it's true.

The beauty and the power of the unicorn is very hard to describe when you watch them work.

I say them because your getting a heard,one white with a pale shimmery blue horn,one all black with the greenest of eyes,one that is a light lavender with a pure white horn. One is a butterscotch color and he is my favorite. You will get all the names when you order. They are magical names and can't be said here.

They not only answer your questions but they are granting if your wants and desires if they are with a good soul.
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