All of these items are Septembers garage sale items. There is nothing wrong with them and many of them are pretty potent in occult magic. Even the creatures are unique and powerful. These sales are going on because we are moving many rooms and need a clean out. Take advantage of it because the prices are very low for what your getting.


In this set of three ( yes you get all three items you see) Your getting a real Amethyst for healing which to use you will touch it on the sick parts of your body. NO DEE not the penis as in OMG that's so SICK! Like you like the way it looks,hangs,is huge,etc. You place the stone where you are hurt or have sickness. This is a healing captive fire stone. That just means that it was embodied by a fire witch.

The next item is a small jade piece for wealth and holds a knocker of the astral. His name is Harold Seamore and he knocks your wishes into reality.

The next piece is a sterling silver cherub of blind love. No matter what you look like or your problems the one you want is to blind it.

Your getting all three and the best part is you don't have to wear them,just hold them every now and then. The healing one you will have to hold to use.
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